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US-2608018-A: Animal trap patent, US-2627537-A: Attachment plug patent, US-2640903-A: Resistance construction patent, US-2689625-A: Absorptive separation of hydrocarbon gases patent, US-2694870-A: Moccasin type article of footwear patent, US-2718642-A: Infant's bathing device patent, US-2757275-A: Light assembly patent, US-2788362-A: Perchlorofluoronitriles and methods for their preparation patent, US-2796269-A: Weight assembly and locking clutch collar patent, US-2809679-A: Open end bandsaw patent, US-2820228-A: Bathtub with reinforcing means patent, US-2830603-A: Raisin washing machine patent, US-2833224-A: Rotary pumps patent, US-2852199-A: Food waste disposer patent, US-2861052-A: Vinyl chloride resin stabilized with polyhydric alcohol and friedelcrafts catalyst patent, US-2868208-A: Stalk stripper patent, US-2888774-A: Quick attaching type fishing float patent, US-2910821-A: Apparatus for applying flexible plastic tape to conductors patent, US-2939080-A: Electronic chopping device patent, US-2951273-A: Closure means for bags patent, US-2972113-A: High gain time discriminator patent, US-2979102-A: Straightening tool patent, US-3038036-A: Magnetic erase means patent, US-3065169-A: Process for separating aromatic hydrocarbons patent, US-6741485-B1: Interconnection system for transmitting power between electrical systems patent, US-3099964-A: Vanes for rotary vane machine supported in balance and in stability and in less friction patent, US-3105624-A: Image displacement mechanism patent, US-3122717-A: Pressure transducer patent, US-3129399-A: Plural part core with exposed wound-core portion patent, US-3143641-A: Waterproof heating pad patent, US-3193912-A: Electro-static particle collecting device patent, US-3203094-A: Pruning appliance patent, US-3214902-A: Exhaust treating device patent, US-3224807-A: Back support adjustment for torsion chair patent, US-3288433-A: Poppet valve patent, US-3298770-A: Optical instrument with adjustable erecting mirror system patent, US-3300909-A: Method for producing contact lens patent, US-3318364-A: Band supporting means patent, US-3322579-A: Magnetic hysteresis alloy made by a particular process patent, US-3341052-A: Double-walled container patent, US-3368561-A: Pediatric urine collector patent, US-3401702-A: Ashtray construction patent, US-3418719-A: Drapery measuring tape assembly patent, US-3455099-A: Dead end patent, US-3556507-A: Fish holding apparatus patent, US-3610767-A: Tapping machine patent, US-3630830-A: Method for surface sizing of paper patent, US-2431163-A: Preparation of clarified sugar solutions patent, US-2433368-A: Wave guide construction patent, US-2476295-A: Air freshening system patent, US-2481621-A: Light modulation by cathode-ray orientation of liquid-suspended particles patent, US-2540298-A: Valve patent, US-2548065-A: Burning apparatus for plant beds patent, US-2579546-A: Strapless garment patent, US-2582346-A: Cooky bag patent, US-2602085-A: Method of producing calcium salts of sulfanilamides patent, US-2612496-A: Acid azo dyes patent, US-2621919-A: Wheel suspension patent, US-2631230-A: Circuit for minimizing the effects of noise in television signals patent, US-2641277-A: Fluid system damage control patent, US-2643338-A: Conical scan antenna patent, US-2659094-A: Apparatus for securing a resilient tread to the bottom surface of flexible footwear patent, US-2714153-A: Lamp shade patent, US-2730995-A: Pneumatic actuation of machine elements, particularly resistance welding electrodes patent, US-2734713-A: webster patent, US-2736157-A: Nut gatherer patent, US-2745625-A: Repeated action injector device patent, US-2775450-A: Aligning means to be used in the production of magnetic sound recording tape patent, US-2776018-A: Speed reduction drive and chain tensioning device patent, US-2829928-A: Wall board jack dolly patent, US-2831435-A: Pumps patent, US-2831820-A: Foamed epoxy resin composition and method of making patent, US-2873993-A: Bumper structure patent, US-2884720-A: Snow moving implement patent, US-2897862-A: Liquifier patent, US-2953012-A: Safety door interlock patent, US-2972671-A: Cloth marker patent, US-3015135-A: Ventilated metal awning patent, US-3071680-A: Arc welding patent, US-3182962-A: Winch brake patent, US-3227163-A: Filing drawer insert patent, US-3233166-A: Voltage stabilizing system patent, US-3248832-A: Window composed of plastic profiled sections with wooden core patent, US-3274576-A: Telemetering encoder system patent, US-3348369-A: Stranding apparatus patent, US-3398364-A: Spectrum analyzer having means for comparing the frequency components of a complex signal with a variable reference signal patent, US-3572455-A: Self-propelled, electric, three wheel maintenance cart patent, US-3614707-A: Electrical connector patent, US-3647113-A: Floating roof for liquid storage tanks, particularly for the storage of liquid petroleum products patent, US-3651672-A: Laundry machine agitator patent, US-2424139-A: Convertible pullman seat bed patent, US-2438923-A: Method and means for making selenium elements patent, US-2466113-A: Peanut digger patent, US-2480315-A: Method and apparatus for making pipe bends and the like patent, US-2549602-A: Applicator for ion traps patent, US-2616780-A: Method of preparing electric cable for shipment patent, US-2635935-A: Covered top construction for desks and the like patent, US-2658031-A: Coking apparatus patent, US-2670913-A: Aircraft boom control and balancing mechanism patent, US-2691934-A: Spring device for ground tools patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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